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  • Cane Bales (leaf)

    Price: $9.50

  • Cane Mulch Bales

    Price: $9.95

  • Cypress Chip

    Price: $63.00

  • Forest Fines

    Price: $48.00

  • Forest Mulch

    Price: $21.00

  • Hoop 1" (25mm)

    Price: $82.00

    1" (one inch, 25mm in width) strips of this strong dark coloured bark that holds on embankments and has a pleasing natural appearance. From the bark of hoop pine trees on the Sunshine Coast, Hoop Medium and its bigger brother Hoop Heavy are your best and only option for steep sloped garden beds.
  • Hoop Pine Fines

    Price: $82.00

    Hoop Fines is a finely ground Hoop Bark with a strong dark colour and a natural forest floor look that has made it very popular. Ideal in rockeries and heavily planted areas for that something a little different. As Hoop Fines is so fine, it will break down and feed your garden quite fast. Expect to re-mulch your garden after around 12 months.
  • Red Cypress Blend/Fines

    Price: $75.00

  • Red Cypress Mulch

    Price: $84.00

  • Slash 1" (25mm)

    Price: $72.00

    This popular bark is suitable for indoor or outdoor landscape environments. It has a light texture and a natural reddish brown tan colour. Suits large domestic to small to medium sized commercial gardens.
  • Slash 2" - 3" (50mm)

    Price: $72.00

    This Pine Bark is roughly 2 to 3 inches in size. It has a light texture and is reddish brown tan in colour. Suits large domestic and commercial gardens.
  • Slash Pine: Fines (softail)

    Price: $97.00

    Australian Standard guidelines as a soft fall playground bark. It has a light texture and a natural reddish brown tan colour. This product is ideal for mulching small gardens, heavily planted areas and indoor settings.
  • Tea Tree Bales

    Price: $9.95

  • Tea Tree Mulch

    Price: $79.00

    Tea Tree Mulch is a naturally dark and extremely fragrant mulch from the Tea Tree. With natural Tea Tree oils present, the perfume given off is refreshing. Has been reported to deter insect activity with the presence of natural oils.